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Press Release – Safety Seminar 2018

Cluj Napoca
25th April 2018

Most important European producers of fertilizers meet at Cluj-Napoca and Tirgu Mures for the annual event dedicated to health and safety at work.
Between 25-27th April 2018, at Azomures invitation, European Association of Fertilizers Producers – Fertilizers Europe, organize the annual meeting of the safety specialists. For three days, through presentations, seminar and dialogues, the leading companies producing fertilizers in Europe will share all of their best safety practices with each other.
After finalizing its massive revamping program consisting of more than 240 million Eur during period 2012-2017, Azomures started implementing an “Operational Excellence” program regarding health, safety and environmental protection which will assure that besides improved assets these areas results will continuously improve. Safety is one of Azomures’ key topics closely related to personnel sustainability.
“From summer of 2012 and shortly after Azomures was taken over by Swiss integrator, Ameropa group, all our operational efforts were focused on ensuring a safe climate for our employees. Therefore, today we meet high European standards in this field. For Azomures, presence of specialists from other industrial platforms is an instructive experience related to safety and security both for young engineers and for senior experts and comes to strengthen our general objective, “zero safety accidents”. We have set an ambitious goal, but I am convinced that, having, as before, the dedication of Azomures employees, we will succeed.” – Mihai Anitei, CEO Azomures
“I appreciate the Azomures and Fertilizers Europe Association invitation to discuss with specialists across European production sites, about one of the most important subjects, safety of people working on the platform and the local community. We must have an excellent public-private cooperation of our emergency services. Through common exercises we can simulate and intervene in case of an emergency”. – dr. Raed Arafat, state secretary Ministry of Internal Affairs.
“Safety is a key objective for our industry. We need to make sure that all employees can come home safe at night. The best way forward is to exchange information and learn from the excellent safety programs carried out by the members of Fertilizers Europe. We are especially happy to be here in Cluj-Napoca and Tirgu Mures with Azomures as a host, because we are keen to see the progress made and learn about the new activities of Azomures.” – Jacob Hansen, General Director Fertilizers Europe.
The 21st meeting of Fertilizers Europe on safety at work is also a good opportunity to raise awareness and enable participants to improve the most important aspects of work when it comes to safety aspects to fertilizer production.
Azomures Press Office

Press Release – Azomures is launching the new guide for the safety transport of fertilizers

Tîrgu Mureș
23 January 2018


Azomures is launching the new guide for the safety transport of agricultural fertilizers, destined to carriers and final users.

Azomures, the most important fertilizer producer in Romania, is launching today in Tîrgu Mures a practical guide for transport companies (auto/railway), specialized in the distribution of fertilizers for agriculture, but also for farmers, who are the final users. The publication of this informative resource is part of the Azomures actions to raise awareness among carrier companies in Romania which transport significant amounts of fertilizers. Observance of the rules imposed by various legislative acts facilitates the implementation in normal conditions of an indispensable activity for Romanian agriculture, that of providing fertilizers for farmers.
The guide for carrier companies was issued in collaboration with the Department for Emergency Situations coordinated by dr. Raed Arafat, state secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This informative material will be handed to all participants on the distribution chain, starting from the truck driver / locomotive mechanic who transport fertilizers from the producer until the final user, the farmer.
The informative resource, the carrier guide is a synthesis of a series o procedures which are already applied by carrier companies. The above-mentioned procedures are implemented at a European level, by means of the Product Stewardship management program developed by Fertilizers Europe, the European Association of fertilizer producers.
The guide for carrier companies will be distributed in the European countries in which Azomures exports fertilizers, namely: Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia.

Azomures Press Office