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Press Release – “Narativ” Reading Camp, first edition

Tîrgu Mureș

5th September 2016

In the period August 26 – September 2, the team of the “Curtea Veche” Association together with the Azomureș Company organized the Narativ Reading Camp for children in Criț village, Brașov County.
Twenty student participants aged 7-12 were selected in Tîrgu Mureș following a school contest in which the contestants were asked to express in writing the reasons why they like reading. Children of Azomureș employees, selected on the basis of their written essays, also attended the event. The children spent a whole week at Casa Kraus, in a 15thcentury-like atmosphere reminding them of the novel which they studied in the reading camp – “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, retold from Victor Hugo’s novel, book appeared in the collection “Books of Childhood” at Curtea Veche Publishing.
The team prepared a varied program for the participants. The workshops led by two educators specialized in theatrical art were excellent occasions for the children to impersonate the characters from the book. Through practical activities, the children acquired information regarding the history of the epoch depicted in the novel, they practised a series of techniques belonging to the art of public speaking and improvisation and in the last day of the event, they staged a performance for their parents. As an addition to these activities, agricultural engineers shared specific information with the children, who were thus able to experience not only the joy of reading, but also the joy brought by nature, land work and the harvest this yields.
The program also included trips to visit the fortified churches of Viscri and Saschiz as well as the neighboring farms, where children learned things about agriculture and animal raising.
The “Narativ”reading camp is part of the series of social responsibility projects implemented by the Azomureș, company, many of which belong to the educational sector.

Azomureș Press Office

Press Release – The campaign “Let’s give together for Christmas”


Tirgu Mures

22nd December 2015



Azomures has recently finalized one of the most important social responsibility campaigns implemented together with the employees from the fertilizer production platform.

The second edition of the campaign “Let’s give together for Christmas” took place between 19 November – 18 December 2015 and, due to the employees’ significant support, has managed to put a smile on the faces of those who cannot fully enjoy the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth because of financial difficulties or other serious family problems.

Each Azomures employee could donate any sum of money, and the collected sum was doubled by the company employers at the end of the campaign. Thus it was possible to raise an important amount of money, which was used to acquire durable goods (large household appliances – fridges, professional cooker, potato-peeling machine, laptops) and food for the following beneficiaries:

  • School Center for Inclusive Education no.1 in Tirgu Mures (227 children)
  • 5 families whose members are Azomures employees
  • 6 economically disadvantaged families in Tirgu Mures
  • 5 students in the Mures county with excellent academic results
  • The Emergency Intervention Service (abuse, neglect, traffic, migration, child helpline)
  • 11 cookers for the inhabitants of the social housing apartment building on Cugir street, in the Mureseni district.

Besides the Azomures employees, this campaign was supported by companies working on the Tirgu Mures platform, to which a part of the maintenance activities were outsourced.

By initiating such campaigns, Azomures reaffirms its role in the local community and appreciates the way in which the company employees have chosen to become involved in activities helping people in need.

Azomureș Press Office