Press Release – Azomures is launching the new guide for the safety transport of fertilizers

Press Release – Azomures’s Grants “Academia Sighisoara” – second edition

Press Release – New treatment plant for industrial waters

Press Release – “Narativ” Reading Camp, first edition

Press Release – Cultural event at Company of Photosensitive Materials

Press Release – Integrated Environmental Authorization

Press Release – The campaign “Let’s give together for Christmas”

Press release – Azomureş has finalized the largest investment program in the last 30 years

Press release – Commissioning of the filtration plant on the Azomures platform

Press release – Implementing modernization activities

Press release – National Chemistry Camp in Tirgu Mures

Press release – Granular Urea

Press release – Investment inauguration event, November 2015

Press release – Information for the community

Press release – Application of controlled shutdown procedures

Press release – Eco-Rom Packaging Certificate

Press release – Equipment installment in the Urea Plant

Press release – World Environment Day 2015

Press release – VINCI ENERGIES annual occupational health and safety meeting

Press release – Signing of financial agreement for plant modernization

Press release – Commencement of technical revision

Press release – Completion of technical revision