Press release – Application of controlled shutdown procedures


Tirgu Mures

17th July 2015


The production of mineral fertilizers on the Azomures platform returned to normal after the unexpected event generated by a power failure on 15th July, 2015, at 16:22.

The current variation caused by the failure of the high-voltage substation TRAFO 1 Electrica imposed the implementation of standard emergency shutdown procedures for the facilities on the platform. The shutdown was conducted according to the standard procedure in a few minutes, after the interruption of electricity supply and it did not imply any danger to the population, the employees from the platform or for the functioning equipment.

Once the electricity supply was resumed, at 17.00, the standard procedure of restarting the equipment was initiated. The procedure lasted for several hours.
During the shutdown procedure, pollutant emissions were local and normal under such circumstances. The automatic analyzers of Azomures and those of the Mures County Environmental Protection Agency recorded no exceedance of the maximum admitted ammonia concentration in the air.

The accidental shutdown of the equipment was communicated, according to procedures, to the Environmental Protection Agency and to the National Environmental Guard - Mures County Commissioner’s Office.

Azomures Press Office