Press release – Azomures, partner in the program “Books of Childhood”

Tîrgu Mureș
09 October 2015

The team of Curtea Veche Association, together with representatives of Azomureș and Agricola 96 SA Tigănași will offer 2000 books to four schools in Țigănași commune, Iași county. The students will also receive sets of school supplies from Herlitz Romania.

The book donation will take place on Thursday, 15 October, as part of two consecutive events organized in the primary and lower secondary School in the town of Cârniceni (11.00 o’clock) and in „Costache Antoniu” School in Țigănași 12.00 o’clock).

The events will include speeches delivered by: Stela Popescu (actress), Iren Arsene (President, Curtea Veche Association), Aurel Placinschi (Manager, Agricola 96 SA Tigănași), Mihai Aniţei (General Manager, Azomureş) and Smaranda Nicolau (actress and theatrical pedagogy specialist), who will perform an interactive lecture for the children attending the event. The host of the event will be Mrs. Romașcanu Silvia (Principal, „Costache Antoniu” School).

The increasingly disturbing statistics regarding poor results in the educational system, the school dropout rate, the dramatic decrease of reading habits among the young generation as well as text comprehension difficulties are only some of the reasons why Azomureș and Agricola 96 SA Tigănași have decided to join the national reading program initiated by Curtea Veche Association.

„Due to the mineral fertilizers which we produce in Tîrgu Mureș we have a special relation with the rural environment. We are one of the essential factors whose activity has an impact on both agricultural development and farmers and their families living in these regions. Rural environment should not be regarded as lack of opportunity by those who have not managed to work and live in a big city. Romania still needs people working in agriculture. Children should not be deprived of adequate education only because they don’t study in one of the renowned schools in the urban environment. We support the program “Books of Childhood” for the chance it gives to all children to discover reading”, declared Mr. Mihai Aniţei (General Manager, Azomureş).

„I consider that the education received during the first years of school is essential in an individual’s formation. These are the years when children’s love for reading is most easily induced. We support this event for book donations due to the impact it has on children, especially since the event is also promoted by Mrs. Stela Popescu, who is a personality of Romanian culture” added Aurel Placinschi (General Manager Agricola 96 SA Țigănași).

The event organized in Iasi county is part of a national reading program entitled “Books of Childhood”, initiated by Curtea Veche Association, which, besides book donations also includes the foundation of reading clubs, visits in schools and children’s centers, meetings with parents, teachers and students and reading workshops in bookstores.