Press release – Commencement of technical revision


Tîrgu Mures

13th August 2014


Azomures Tirgu Mures, the most important fertilizer producer in Romania, announces the commencement of the general technical revision.

Between 18th August -12th September 2014, the production of fertilizers for agriculture in Azomures Tirgu Mures will be ceased, in order to perform repairing and modernization activities. The activities will be: mechanical, administrative, activities of cleaning and repairing the technical equipment. To achieve these objectives, employees from the maintenance departments of companies with work points in Azomures, will be involved.

At the same time, investments in the modernization of the Ammonia, Urea, Ammonium Nitrate and NPK production sections will be executed, and finalized by the end of 2015.

TThe modernization and repair works during the general inspection, aim to increase efficiency of the plant’s activity, once the equipment is restarted, in mid-September. A budget of 12 million Euro was allocated for the general technical revision. The Azomures strategy foresees the implementation of a preventive maintenance plan to reduce operational costs.

During the general revision, users of Azomures products can find fertilizers for agriculture at the authorized distributors all over the country, where stocks of all marketed products have been supplied.

                                               Azomures Press Office