Press release – Eco-Rom Packaging Certificate


Tirgu Mures

June 16th 2015


Azomures receives the Eco-Rom certification for active involvement in environmental protection through recycling of packaging in which the products have been delivered to the domestic market.

Azomures, the main producer of fertilizers for agriculture in Romania, received official recognition from Eco-Rom Packaging for its activity in 2014 aimed at reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

According to the organization Eco-Rom Packaging, expert in the management of packaging and packaging waste, Azomures managed to ensure a reduction in GHG (greenhouse gases) of 1366.28 tons of CO2 equivalent due to the process of recycling and recovery of packaging waste originating from the Azomures products. The amount of carbon dioxide that would have been released in the atmosphere in the absence of this action is equivalent to the emissions of a car traveling 5,062,796 kilometers.

The calculation was conducted by BIO by Deloitte in cooperation with organizations from 25 European countries, including Romania.

Azomures thus proves, once again, its constant concern for environmental protection. The results obtained in the waste recovery actions complete the company’s approaches for the modernization of the equipment with the purpose of sustainable development.


Azomures Press Office