Press release – Granular Urea


Tirgu Mures

1st September 2015


The development of local agriculture by providing high-quality fertilizers is one of the top priorities assumed by Azomures, the most important Romanian fertilizer producer.

In November 2015, the new GRANULAR UREA production installation will start-up, turning Azomures into the only producer of this type of fertilizer in South-Eastern Europe. Azomures will offer farmers a NEW product with substantially improved granulation, which is also an environment-friendly fertilizer. In the range of Nitrogen-based fertilizers, GRANULAR UREA stands out as the fertilizer with the highest Nitrogen (N) content, 46%.

Among the advantages of GRANULAR UREA the following should be mentioned:

  • Uniform granulation
  • Compact, bigger and denser granules
  • The new granulation system prevents Nitrogen (N) loss into the atmosphere; the Nitrogen (N) is captured, transformed into ammoniacal nitrogen and provided to plants.
  • The higher density combined with the smoother surface, result in slower solubility, increasing the Nitrogen (N) recovery rate.
  • GRANULAR UREA acts as a neutral substance in the soil-plant system (pH – approximately 7)
  • Application precision and application width are increased by up to 50 % compared to prilled urea
  • The increased resistance to crushing provides storage and handling of the product without causing dust
  • The machinery workload is reduced, as they cover a larger spreading area, even under adverse weather conditions.

GRANULAR UREA does not fall into the category of fertilizers requiring transportation restrictions, therefore reducing storage and handling costs.

Azomures Press Office