Press release – Implementing modernization activities

On Azomures platform, the beginning of September marked the start-up for the final stage of the investment project initiated in 2012.
The urea production facility was shut down in order to perform technical overhaul and to put the new equipment into operation:

  • Compressor room
  • Installation for urea solution production
  • Urea granulation unit

The new facilities permit the production of a new type of fertilizer, Granular Urea, which is more environment-friendly and of better quality. The technological process meets the highest standards with regard to environment protection, being one of the most modern in Europe.
The activities in two of the Ammonia production facilities have also been halted for the past few days for technical overhaul and to integrate the modernized equipment in the production flow. During the modernization process, some sources of Ammonia emissions have been eliminated. Thus, once the technological processes of the installations are resumed, the stricter environment protection regulations which are applicable starting from 1st of January 2016 will be observed.
During the technical overhaul, all three fertilizer granulation units will be shut down in different stages, in order to put into operation the equipment which facilitates the significant decrease of environment emissions. The equipment is currently being installed, according to the schedule in the conformance plan agreed with the environment protection authorities.
“All investments agreed upon in the conformance plan will be completed in order to ensure compliance with the new environment protection regulation which will be applicable from January 2016. I am convinced that we can honor the commitment which we have made to the community, that of transforming Azomures in a modern, environment-friendly facility” declared Mihai Anitei, General Manager of the plant.
During the technical overhaul, Azomures fertilizers are available for farmers via the Romanian distributors.
Azomures is the most important Romanian fertilizer producer. The supply of best-quality fertilizers as well as the constant technical assistance provided to Romanian farmers is a proof of their valuable cooperation with Azomures. Thus, the plant is a reliable partner of Romanian farmers and it brings a major contribution to the development of the agricultural sector, which is one of the main pillars of the Romanian economy. The manifested concern for sustainable development through environment protection as well as the implementation of various activities dedicated to support the community, place Azomures among the most modern and efficient fertilizer plants in Europe.

Azomures Press Office