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Press Release

Tirgu Mures

13th August 2015


The Azomures stockholder, the Swiss company Ameropa and the Azomures executive management team, respects every citizen’s right to express a point of view on a situation in their community. The Azomures stockolder is familiar with the activity on the Tirgu Mures platform and reassures the population and the local authorities that it observes the conformance plan required by the Romanian authorities to prepare the equipment in Azomures for the date of January 1, 2016 when stricter environmental protection regulation will apply.

Ameropa started the most extensive investment program of the last 30 years in the spring of 2012, when the Romanian state issued the license of operation, which constituted the guarantee that the company had the time required to upgrade facilities in Tirgu Mures.

Over 240 million Euro have been allocated and very important steps have been taken, while the conformance plan required by the environmental authorities is strictly observed. The periodic checks by the competent authorities have confirmed progress in this respect. Unfortunately, due to certain promises that were not fulfilled in the period when Azomures had different stockholders, we now lack the necessary credibility from the population that things can actually change. The effects of these investments will be perceived once the facilities are put into operation.

Efforts are currently being made to have the present non-modernized industrial facilities operate within the limits of the integrated environment license. The only discrepancy in the normal operating process is the occasional exceedance of ammonia emission in the vicinity of the platform.

By the end of the year, the new industrial facilities will have been put into operation, so that the Azomures activity will be able to continue in safe conditions for the environment after 1st January 2016.

Azomures will guarantee safe economic conditions for the community in Tirgu Mures in the coming years. These conditions will also be beneficial to the national economy, as Romanian farmers will be provided with high quality fertilizers at reasonable prices, that result in rich crops which are then turned into food products for Romanians, including the Tirgu Mures community.

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