Press Release – Integrated Environmental Authorization


Tirgu Mures

8th January 2016


During the last few months, the Azomureș Company has undergone the procedures of obtaining the Integrated Environmental Authorization, in accordance with the new regulations in force since the beginning of 2016. The process was completed, and the Agency for Environmental Protection has decided to issue the authorization, upon fulfillment by Azomures of all objectives imposed by national environmental authorities in accordance with the conformance plan.
The new integrated environmental authorization complies with the current requirements of European legislation regarding environment protection.
Issuance of the Integrated Environmental Authorization signifies completion of one of the most important modernization stages in the history of the plant. Starting with 2012, an investment program worth over 240 million Euros has been implemented in order to revamp and modernize equipment. The investment implied, among others, modernization of some key equipment on the platform (such as the Urea plant and the Ammonia installation) and construction of a new industrial water treatment station.
Thus, it has been insured that the production of agricultural fertilizers will continue and the company will maintain its status as a major industrial landmark for both local and national economy.

Azomureș Press Office