Press release – National Chemistry Camp in Tirgu Mures


Tirgu Mures

1st September 2015


Ameropa Group, with an important tradition in supporting and becoming involved in educational projects, has always encouraged and sustained initiatives dedicated to young people’s development in certain educational domains.

Following this tradition, Azomures – part of Ameropa Group – has become actively involved in the program “National Chemistry Camp” which is being organized in Tirgu-Mures these days. Olympic students from the entire country, together with their teachers, had the opportunity to visit the most important parts of the Azomures plant yesterday and interact with specialists working on the platform. The greatest attraction was the presentation of the new equipment, of the modern technology, but especially the control center of the work platform. Students were given explanations regarding the results of these new investments and the impact on the environment.

Students were able to understand the importance of the Azomures products, as they ensure the exceptional quality of agricultural products finally leading to high quality food products. The most attractive part was the explanation, based on practical examples, of the role and significance of chemistry in an industry with such an important contribution to our contemporary modern agriculture.

The experience offered by Azomures to students all over the country with a special interest in chemistry is part of the company’s policy to support education and to prepare students for a future career in chemistry. Azomures has always been acknowledged as a very good center for Chemistry graduates. At present, just like 50 years ago, graduates with the best academic results choose to come and work in the chemical plant.

The efforts of the Azomures Company constitute support and a practical addition to the projects initiated by educational authorities as they are intended to sustain applied research, the close connection between the educational system and the labor market and the preparation of future contests in the chemical domain.

In the future, Azomures will continue the Ameropa tradition and is strongly committed to supporting and initiating educational programs which will develop children’s and young people’s skills in various areas of interest.

Azomures Press Office