Press Release – New treatment plant for industrial waters

Tîrgu Mureș

20th September 2016

Azomureș, Romania’s most important producer of mineral fertilizers, has successfully completed investment in a new treatment plant for industrial waters from the production platform. The general contractor of the project was Dutch company Nijhuis Industries, which specializes in such projects. The investment made by Azomureș in the industrial water treatment plant amounted to over 10 million euros and was part of the general investment plan for the period 2012 – 2015.
Feasibility and design studies started as early as 2013 and construction of the industrial water treatment plant began in the spring of 2015. The project was completed in November 2015, in accordance with construction plans. The transfer of the operating procedures to Aquaserv Tirgu Mures was completed this year and currently the industrial water treatment plant is functioning within its normal parameters.
The new industrial water treatment plant was designed, in collaboration with Aquaserv Tîrgu Mures, in such a way as to process industrial waters from different sources as well, waters produced by companies in the Cristești area.
The Azomureș wastewater treatment plant is designed to process 939 mc/h of industrial waters and it is formed of one pumping station, two biological treatment pools, two decanters, one test lab, one control panel and administrative offices.
By implementing this investment objective, Azomureș reasserts its responsible role in the operation of fertilizer production equipment, in accordance with European regulations of environment protection.


Azomureș Press Office