Press release – VINCI ENERGIES annual occupational health and safety meeting

Joint Press Release


VINCI Energies Romania, an important industry, infrastructure and tertiary service supplier, organized THE ANNUAL OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY MEETING in Tirgu Mures, on 18th November 2014.

The event, already at the fifth edition patronized by VINCI Energies group, had as a main theme Safety Management - Next level, and addressed the managers of VINCI Energies member companies in Romania: TIAB, SPOTING, STIZO Industrial Services and VINCI Facilities.

The theme of the event, which is at the fifth edition patronized by VINCI Energies group, was Safety Management – Next level and addressed to the managers of VINCI Energies member companies in Romania: TIAB, SPOTING, STIZO Industrial Services and VINCI Facilities.
The AZOMURES managerial team attended the meeting, as customer of two of the VINCI Energies, TIAB and SPOTING, which provide electric maintenance and instrumentation services. The purpose of the meeting was to raise awareness regarding the importance of management involvement in the occupational health and safety activities and to obtain their commitment to making all necessary efforts and providing resources for building a safe healthy environment for all partners.

“The safety and health of all our partners is a daily concern for us, and the annual occupational safety and health meeting is a major event in reaching our common objective – “Zero accidents”. Each year, we try to approach a different theme which should be of interest for the participants and which should allow us to achieve excellence in this field”, declared Liviu FLOREA, General Manager of VINCI Energies Romania.

“Occupational health and safety are a permanent concern for us and we pay special attention to this aspect. The employees from the platform must get home safe after a day’s work. It is up to each of them to observe safety regulations and it is the company’s responsibility to provide the necessary equipment in order to avoid accidents”, declared Mihai ANITEI, General Manager of Azomures.


About VINCI Energies:

Active in approximately 50 countries, 30 of which outside Europe, VINCI Energies had a turnover of 9.25 billion Euro in 2013 and currently 63 000 people employed.

Due to its complex network, formed of 1500 business units, the Energies business line of the VINCI group is currently an important service provider in the field of energy and information technology, both in Europe and worldwide.



VINCI is a world leader in concessions and constructions, having 191 000 employees in over 100 countries and a 40.3 billion Euro turnover in 2013. We design, finance, build and exploit projects which improve our daily life. As we believe in performance, beyond economic and financial results, we are committed to operating in an ecological manner. And as our projects are of public interest, we believe reaching all stockholders and engaging in a dialogue with them is essential for our activity. The VINCI objective is to build long-term value for all our clients, partners, collaborators and for society in general.



AZOMURES Tirgu Mures is the most important Romanian producer of fertilizers for agricultural use. AZOMURES has an annual production of a minimum 1.3 million tons of fertilizers and over 2700 people are employed. The AZOMURES products are supplied to farmers in Romania, other countries in Europe, Africa, China, Japan, South America and the United States. The main stockholder of Azomures company is Ameropa Holding AG in Switzerland.



Established in 1948, AMEROPA is a privately-owned international grain and fertilizer trader in Switzerland, which covers traditional markets such as the United States, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia as well as emerging markets such as North Africa and the Middle East. AMEROPA trades 10 million tons of fertilizers and 10 million tons of grains annually.