Azomures announces a new partial technical overhaul of the installations

Targu Mures la
May 25th, 2021

Azomures announces a new partial technical overhaul of the installations, part of the multi-annual investment program.

Azomures Targu Mureș, the most important producer of fertilizers for agriculture in Romania, will start at the beginning of June a new technical overhaul of the installations on the production platform. According to the works schedule, the inspection, repair and investment works will be carried out for a month for some of the Azomurea installations. During this period the production of fertilizers will continue, within the remaining available capacities.

The biannual technical review includes thousands of inspections to ensure the safe operation of the facilities for the next two years. During the review, new investments will be implemented to improve productivity, environmental protection, energy efficiency and safe operation of facilities.

At the technical revision in June 2021 we will continue to implement the measures in the technical plan to reduce ambient noise, by performing specific works on installations that have been previously monitored. The noise study carried out in September 2020 and the measurements carried out in recent months are a technical support for identifying and implementing measures to reduce ambient noise inside and outside the platform. The works already carried out in previous years and even in 2021 showed an improvement in the noise level in the Mureșeni street area, confirmed by a series of measurements carried out in April, for several hours on different days of the week.

During the technical overhaul, over 500 external employees are used to carry out the work. The total budget of the revision program is over 40 million lei.

The sales and logistics departments within Azomureș ensure that the fertilizers for agriculture are available during this period at the Romanian distributors.

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