In Azomures, we are committed to respecting and promoting the best practices in the field of fertilizers manufacturing, in order to provide the community with optimal conditions for coexistence with an industrial platform. We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and that is why we have invested significant amounts of money in the refurbishment and modernization of key equipment on the platform. Thus, we managed to reduce the footprint on the environment, under conditions of transparency towards the community.

Quality of wastewater discharged into the Mureș river

Average monthly values for the quality parameters of wastewater discharged into the Mureș River from the biological treatment plant in Cristești commune

Waste generated from Azomures’ activity, recovered / disposed of

All the waste resulting from Azomures’ activity is collected selectively, in containers specially destined for each type of waste, properly inscribed and delivered periodically to the authorized companies for the purpose of recovery or disposal. The recovery is done by recycling or by other methods.



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