Informative material for emergency situations

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Along with this letter, you will find information material developed by Azomureș, in partnership with the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations "Horea", Mureș County. It is the first material of this kind that we have designed to inform you in more detail about the activity we carry out on the Azomureș platform, the risks that may appear in an emergency situation, and the measures that can be taken by citizens in such cases.

Safety is our priority! It is one of our operating conditions. Over the last few years, Azomureș has invested significant amounts of money, over 250 million EUR, in the revamping of our production facilities. The results are now noticeable , and the monitoring performed by authorities and independent entities shows a significant improvement of our environment impact as compared to 2012. On the other hand, the investments provided us with a greater reliability in equipment operations and a higher degree of safety. Advanced alert systems are available in case of operation outside the normal parameters, providing comfort in the production area. At the same time, we have invested in the development of the people working on the platform in order to minimize human error in the production processes.

However, because we are a chemical industry company, some facilities must operate at high temperatures and pressures and we must handle the required chemical substances in the fertilizer manufacturing process Theoretically, there is the risk of an emergency situation, which may affect citizens outside the platform. Accidents are of a complex nature - fertilizers have been produced in the world for over 100 years, and lessons have been learned from previous incidents. These have been implemented in the form of warning and alarm systems, many of which having human-independent safety locks in order to reduce the likelihood of an accident. The occurrence of such an incident is low, of one in a million. Since its consequences may affect the people around us, the information is provided to the population in order to know the how to act in such situations.

We understand the concern among members of the local community, and it is a normal behaviour as not everybody is familiar with such industrial plants.
Today, there are 2,500 employees on the platform, who are primarily responsible for themselves and their families, but also for the community in which they live. Some of them might even be your neighbours. It is them whom we offer the needed technical support in order to end the work day safely. Statistics show that we are at the top of the ranking in the chemical industrial sector in terms of the total rate of work incidents, 1.29 for Azomureș compared to the level of the European industry.

We assure you that our number one priority is SAFETY.
Of the employees, facilities and the local community.

Azomureș Leadership Team:
Harri Kiiski, CEO; Aurel Botezan, CTO;
Ovidiu Crăciun, Manufacturing Manager; Steliana Petraș, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager;
Mihaela Bodeanu, HR Manager; Cătălina Ionescu, Logistics Manager;
Josh Zacharias, Commercial Manager; Peter Liptak, Financial Manager.



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