​Press Release Ammonia III plant restart

Resumption of production of complex fertilizers NPK, Ammonium Nitrate and CAN

Azomures recently concluded contracts for the purchase of natural gas, which allow the resumption of fertilizer production at 50% of the total capacity of the factory, starting in October 2023. The purchase of natural gas was made despite the continuous challenges we see in the structure local energy markets, as well as the additional charges that have just been announced, which will certainly increase our costs.

Josh Zacharias, CEO: “We believe that ensuring the supply of fertilizers for the next agricultural season (2023-2024) is simply too important to be ignored for the Romanian agricultural sector, so it was time to act,” said Josh Zacharias, general manager of Azomureș. “Our intention is to keep Ammonia production (gas being the raw material here) as well as the finished product NPK, Ammonium Nitrate and CAN plants in operation as long as conditions permit, noting that the volatility of the gas and fertilizer markets is still at historic levels, so the future is still uncertain”

The Azomureș platform produces ammonia (intermediate product for the manufacture of fertilizers) in two similar facilities, coded III and IV. The restart of Ammonia III and related facilities will allow the manufacture of a significant amount of fertilizers for Romanian farmers who are preparing crops for the new agricultural season. The total production capacity of the platform is 1.6 million tons, of which 80-85% are intended for the Romanian agricultural market.

“Azomures and fertilizer plays a vital role in the Romanian economy, connecting the two large sectors of Energy and Agriculture,” said Mr Zacharias. “We have had strong ongoing dialogue with the government of Romania and in particular the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Agriculture to identify the best solutions that would allow us to fully resume our activity in a sustainable way. We are not yet there, but this is an important step forward, and we believe with continued dialogue we’ll ensure that Azomures reaches 100% capacity and starts to realize the government’s ambition of increasing Romanian manufactured goods, assuring employment for Romanians, improving the trade balance, and ultimately seeing contribution to the state budget in a productive way.”

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