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Brussels, 6 October 2022
Fertilizers Europe welcomes the outcome of today's European Parliament debate and the decision of the European Commission to put forward an EU Fertilizer strategy to ensure European strategic autonomy, to stimulate domestic fertilizer industry's green growth, promote economic stability for European farmers and food security for the whole society.

On 6 October 2022, the European Parliament plenary held a debate with the Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski on the need of putting forward a fertilizer strategy for Europe. The Commission announced an upcoming Communication for an integrated strategy for fertilizers.

“We welcome that the European Commission and the European Parliament acknowledged the crisis the industry is facing and the importance of securing continued and affordable access to gas. With 50% of food production relying on mineral fertilizers, the industry is a crucial actor and it's aware of its responsibility of providing crops with the nutrients needed for high quality yields. We need to work together to ensure the resilience and strength of the domestic fertilizer sector: The EU can't allow itself to become fully dependent on fertilizers imports and thus compromise on food security" said Jacob Hansen, Director General of Fertilizers Europe. With 70% of European ammonia production curtailed, availability of fertilizers is reduced with direct negative effects on European food security and important products linked to the ammonia value chain, such as AdBlue and CO2.
“A robust strategy to achieve a balanced fertilization of European soils is needed. Mineral and organic fertilizers are complementary to each other. The industry is committed to providing farmers with the support they need to achieve better nutrient use efficiency. The upcoming strategy will have to address fertilization with a holistic approach" stated Hansen.

He further added "Our industry has already started its decarbonization pathway with several projects started or announced across Europe. Supporting the production of green ammonia and low carbon fertilizers will not only reduce the sector's footprint but will play a crucial role in reducing dependence on Russian gas and raw materials. The European fertilizer Industry is committed to achieve the green transition targets. We encourage the Commission to come forward with adequate support for the industry to continue its transition".

On the possibility of lifting anti-dumping measures, hinted as a solution by some MEPs, Hansen remarked "I was happy to hear that Commission shares our concerns. Lifting antidumping duties would only jeopardize the European industry’s ability to get back on its feet and could be the Trojan Horse for another dependency".

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