Commercial system

Azomures trades the mineral fertilizers through a stable and solid distribution system, covering all agricultural regions of the country and with the aid of which, in recent years, has contributed to the development of local agriculture, Azomures becoming an undisputed leader in the Romanian agricultural market.

Azomures puts at farmers’ disposal a complete team of agronomical engineers and sales representatives. The transfer of know-how and the technical, commercial and scientific expertise are common practices for Azomures, which allow farmers to put into practice new and promising methods in their fertilization technologies and thus improve crop production and quality.

Thus, the Azomures team is in permanent contact with the farmers through:

- Offering solutions adapted to the specific needs of each culture;

- Latest information on Azomures news;

- Specialized agronomic consulting in the planning of agricultural activities;

- Sampling for expedient analyses / determinations of soil and crop properties;

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