​In Azomures, we are committed to respecting and promoting the best practices in the field of fertilizers manufacturing, in order to provide the community with optimal conditions for coexistence with an industrial platform. We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and that is why we have invested significant amounts of money in the refurbishment and modernization of key equipment on the platform. Thus, we managed to reduce the footprint on the environment, under conditions of transparency towards the community.

​Information for the public


SC AZOMUREȘ SA, the owner of the project “Heat recovery plant from excess steam from ammonia installations” announces the interested public regarding the decision of the classification stage by the Mureș Environmental Protection Agency: without carrying out the environmental impact assessment, within the procedure of medium impact assessment, for the project "Heat recovery plant from excess steam from ammonia plants", proposed to be located in its place. Târgu Mureș, str. Gh. Doja, no. 300, Mureș county

The draft classification decision and the reasons for it can be consulted on the A.P.M Mureș website (http://apmms.anpm.ro).

The interested public can submit comments / observations to the draft classification decision within 10 days from the date of publication of the announcement on the APM Mureș website.

​Information that needs to be communicated to the public regarding security measures in exploitation and behavior in case of accident.


​Announcement regarding the registration of substances according to the REACH Regulation.

​We would like to inform all the beneficiaries of our products, that AZOMUREȘ S.A has registered to the European Agency for Chemical Substances ECHA Helsinki, until the 30th of November 2010, the substances as they are or in products, produced or imported by society in quantities bigger than 1tonne per year, in accordance with the Regulation (CE) no.1907/2006 of the European Parliament and Council regarding registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances (REACH), with the previous changes and additions.


​Security report consultation

​The AZOMUREȘ S.A security report, drawn up in accordance with the legal provisions by IPROCHIM S.A București, is available to the public and can be consulted by those interested at the society headquarters, The Environment Department, on working days between 900-1400. Additional information on the phone at 0265-253700, int. 2407.



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