Perhaps the most important involvement in projects aiming to protect the environment is the investment in modern technologies, which allow today to operate under maximum safety conditions. Events to mark "World Water Day" or "World Environment Day" were organized to highlight the progress made in this chapter.


Târgu Mureș is a city with a rich cultural tradition and Azomures supports the main events of this kind. A special connection is created for the school festival "Academia Sighișoara", an initiative of violinist Alexandru Gavrilovici, established for many years in Switzerland. Since 1993, for 2 weeks, the fortress of Sighisoara has become the place where master classes are taught and classical music concerts are held. The festival starts every time on August the 1st, the national day of the Swiss Confederation. Azomures has been a partner of this event since 2013.


The Emergency, Resuscitation and Discharge Mobile Service has benefited from Azomures' support in the last years by financially supporting projects that have taken into account the training of the personnel involved in the emergency cases or for the purchase of medical equipment. In 2019, the work station of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, intended for the community in the western part of the city, became operational on the Azomures platform. SMURD is a public emergency medical service, created after the 1990s in Tîrgu Mureș by Dr. Raed Arafat and then extended to the national level.


Azomureș's support for events in the sports area is aimed especially at those events that do not necessarily involve performance sports. The participation of the members of the local community, as well as of the employees together with their families, is encouraged. It is already a tradition to support events like "Azomureș Aqua Marathon", "Mureș Half Marathon" and "Crosul ASCOTID" (due to the fight against diabetes in children).


The national reading program "Childhood Books in the agricultural communities" is an educational initiative that aims to facilitate the access to books for children between the ages of 7 and 15 years, included in the Romanian educational system. Azomures formed a partnership with the "Curtea Veche" Association and organizes, together with the distributors, book donations in different agricultural areas. The long-term objectives of the program are: creating a habit of reading, in children and their families, lowering the rate of functional illiteracy and increasing fluency of reading and effective communication skills, facilitating access to books through donations offered to children from poor or disadvantaged families. Since 2014, over 20,000 children have received at least one book in the actions within the project.



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