​To become the most dynamic company in the region, driven by safety and quality, while building strong partnerships for the future.



​To be the professional team that produces quality fertilizers and provides them to farmers around the world, we use safe and efficient technologies, we act responsibly towards the environment and partners.



​• Passion - The force that drives us
Excellence - In everything we do
Responsibility - We care about the community we live in, the environment and ourselves
Trust - Transparency, openness, integrity
We are more than a team. TEAM+


Founded in 1948, Ameropa is a Swiss private capital company with international exposure on the agricultural market. It produces and markets fertilizers and cereals and is part of the agricultural distribution chain whose objective is to provide food for the world's population.

The company’s headquarter is located in Binningen, Switzerland, near Basel, with regional offices on all five continents. Presently Ameropa has offices, branches or assets in 31 countries worldwide.




Azomure and General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, in partnership with the Department for Emergency Situations, presented today the latest informative material with regards to safe storage and use of fertilizers for agriculture.

Company has prepared this first material in order to inform local community about activity performed on Azomures platform, about the risks that may arise in an emergency situation and about measures that can be taken by citizens in such cases. It is a brochure form and is made in partnership with the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations "Horea" of Mures County.

Azomures will carry out between 12 January and 15 December 2021 the project - Increasing the energy efficiency of engines under the Azomures plan for energy efficiency and climate change - SMIS code: RO-ENERGY-0022, supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through EEA GRANT Norway 2014-2021, within the Innovation Norway program, the value of the grant being 601,000 Euro.

Azomures signed with E.ON Energie Romania a contract for the turnkey delivery of a new power plant that will use as raw material the residual steam generated by the plant's activity. The new power plant will generate 5% of the annual electricity consumption of the industrial platform and will reduce the energy costs of Azomures by 4%.

​"Nitrogen fertilizer plant" was the name under which current Azomures company was established on December 1, 1962. The foundations of one of the most modern hemical platforms were then laid, which soon became one of the largest fertilizer exporters in Romania.

​Azomures presented to the authorities responsible for monitoring the platform the conclusions of the most recent noise study carried out in Targu Mures, in the northwestern part of the city.

​Azomures recently completed the series of meetings it had with public figures who registered for the election race for Târgu Mureș City Hall and who accepted the management's invitation.

​The announcement was made during the Romanian CSR Awards gala, held online due to restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

​Azomureș maintains its certification in the field of Responsible Product Management/Product Stewardship.

​Azomures announces the completion of the works under the partial technical turnaround and the begining of the process of restarting the installations, implicitly the resumption of fertilizer production to normal capacities.

​Azomures contributes financially to the purchase of a complete equipment for carrying out the tests of detection of the new cases of Coronavirus.

​In the context of the decisions announced by the Romanian authorities regarding the preventive measures in case of Coronavirus infections, Azomures has taken a series of additional measures, specific to the company's activity.

​Azomures will begin annual turnaround from 1st of March 2020. Originating from the negative effects of the Government’s Ordinance no. 114/2018 the natural gas price and availability has not been favourable for sustaining operation.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr, Adrian Nechita Oros, visited the Azomureș Plant, the most important producer of agricultural fertilizers in Romania. He was acompanied on this visit also by the Prefect in the Mureș County, Mrs. Mara Togănel.

Azomures today announces that Mr. Harri Kiiski is appointed as CEO at Azomures, Targu Mures and that Mr. Mihai Anitei will take on the new role of Ameropa Country Manager, based at Ameropa Romania Services SRL in Bucharest. Both appointments are effective 01.01.2020.


​The World Fertilizer Day is celebrated on the 13th of October and it brings to the forefront the discovery of the Haber – Bosch principle of synthesizing the ammonia from the atmosphere.


The fertilizer production facilities for agriculture entered the planned shutdown program (general review) at the end of May 2019, in order to carry out the planned maintenance work.


In 2019, the general review is scheduled to take place in June, the previous one being completed in the summer of 2017.


We produce fertilizers grounding our activities on elements of physics and chemistry, of science, but at the same time we put passion in what we do and succeed to always stay close to people.

Used responsibly, our products bring benefit for millions of people, which makes us believe that our mission is not in vain.

Azomures assumes the responsibility of becoming a partner of the local community by supporting projects in key fields: education, culture, health, social, environment and sport, aimed at helping to develop a better society and a cleaner environment.

Natural Gas Provider

Natural gas supply: import and domestic production source.
Providing transport for natural gas inside the National Transportation System up to distribution system level.
Natural gas supply advisory service.
Warrant Services for purchase/sale of natural gas on the Stock Market
According to provisions of Art. 61 (13) of Government Emergency Ordinance No 114/2018, published in The Official Journal of Romania, Part I, No 116 of 29 December 2018, Art. 174 of The Electricity and Gas Law No 123/2012, subsequent modifications and additions thereto, which provides: Domestic clients that have exercised their eligibility rights have the right to return to a regulated provision.




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