Preliminary results of the investigation

Targu Mures
July 7, 2021

Preliminary conclusions of the investigation of the technical event. Continue to implement measures to limit the escalation of an incident at any time

The Azomureș investigation team, together with the authorities of IGSU Bucharest, ISU Mureș, Mureș Environmental Guard, APM Mureș, IPJ Mureș and ITM Mureș, confirms that
today's event was generated by the transfer of a portion under the weld of a pipeline. The pipeline where the damage occurred is part of a pipeline system authorized by ISCIR for
operation on 30.07.2013, having the last technical verification in use on 16.01.2019, and the deadline for the next technical inspection in use being on 06.01 .2022.
The weld was checked with X-rays in 2020, and the result was compliant.The reason for the failure of the pipeline will be the next stage of the investigation and requires an analysis by
independent experts. The final results are expected in the coming weeks.

As before, we will continue to cooperate fully transparently with the authorities responsible for this area. The final results of the investigations will be presented to the public as soon as
they are completed.

We mention that the event had no impact on environmental factors. Azomureș reaffirms its firm commitment to comply with all European Union safety and environmental standards.

We fully understand the local community's concern about this event and want to assure all stakeholders that we will continue to implement measures that can limit the escalation of an
incident to any of the facilities on the platform at any time.
The company's priority remains the safety of employees and the local community, and the way this technical incident has been handled demonstrates the effectiveness of emergency
shutdown measures. The information material for emergency situations, distributed to the citizens, had the role of providing information on the measures to be taken by them during an
emergency situation.
In our work, one of the basic principles of process safety is to reduce the probability and consequences of an accident. Thus, Azomureș conducted HAZOP studies to identify possible
accident scenarios and continuously implements safety measures to prevent accidents.
Installations are frequently checked using specific procedures to identify possible risks.
Pressure tests take place during general inspections and ensure that possible non-conformities are detected before they occur. All procedures, including emergency stop procedures, were
checked and reviewed during 2019, and staff were trained. All procedures were actually applied during today's event, so the facility was shut down safely.

During the modernization of the Azomureș installations, safe interlocking systems were installed, which act independently of the human factor. These worked properly during the

In the next stage, all components of the installation where the event took place will be subjected to a thorough inspection and a testing program, which will last several weeks. The
damage to the installation is less than initially estimated, and the exact cost of the incident will be determined later.

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