Press release launching the partnership with the Royal House of Romania

Targu Mures at
May 19th, 2021

Azomures announces the partnership with the Romanian Royal Family Collection Foundation and with the Association for the Royal Heritage Peles, for the landscaping on the Royal Domains of Săvârșin and Sinaia.

Azomures Targu Mures, the most important producer of fertilizers for agriculture in Romania, started the collaboration with the Romanian Royal Family Collection Foundation and the Association for the Royal Heritage Peles (APRP) in order to support landscaping projects in the fields owned by the Royal Family of Romania.

Part of a working group coordinated by Professor Florin Stănică from the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest, Azomureș specialists will offer fertilization solutions for the two Royal Domains, Peleș and Săvârșin. Fertilizers are part of the Azomures range and will be selected according to the soil and climate conditions in each region. The fertilization solutions offered by Azomures will be adapted to the already existing vegetation on the two fields (lawn, flowers, shrubs) as well as to the plans already announced by the specialists of USAMV Bucharest for the development of the vegetal fund.

On the Royal Domain from Săvârșin, the Romanian Royal Family Collection Foundation will coordinate the installation of a new irrigation system for green spaces, so that the vegetal fund has permanent water and fertilizers, the two elements that can ensure the uniform development of plants. On the Peles Royal Domain, APRP will use the resources provided by Azomureș to conduct workshops of students from the Faculty of Horticulture, who together with their professors from Landscaping, Biodiversity and Ornamental Horticulture will carry out programs and works for the benefit of heritage naturally on the lawn and terraces of Peles Castle and to take care of the plants in the Royal Greenhouses at Foisor Castle.

Azomures General Manager Harri Kiiski said that “the partnership started this spring is an important step for Azomureș in supporting communities and providing support in two areas with a strong historical load. The Royal Domains of Peleș and Săvârșin represent two points of attraction for Romanian and foreign tourists, it is also our duty to offer the expertise we have so that these places are maintained in the best conditions. ”

The Executive Director of His Majesty's House Association, Ion Tucă, appreciates Azomureș products and encourages open partnerships with the Romanian Royal Family Collection Foundation and the Peles Royal Heritage Association, for long-term projects for the benefit of Romanian royal buildings. historical importance is a vector of social, economic and cultural development, respecting the values of built and natural heritage.

Azomures is the most important producer of fertilizers for agriculture in Romania. Part of the Swiss group Ameropa, Azomureș annually produces approximately 1.6 million tons of fertilizers on the industrial platform in Târgu Mureș. Over 75% of the annual production is used by Romanian farmers, and among the countries where fertilizers are exported are China, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Austria.

The Romanian Royal Family Collection Foundation develops various charitable projects for: preserving works of art and objects from the Collection, opening the Royal Residences for visiting, organizing thematic exhibitions and publishing specialized volumes, exhibition catalogs and guides dedicated to the Royal Residences or art.

The mission of the Peles Royal Heritage Association is to protect, conserve, restore and enhance the historical, architectural, artistic and landscape heritage of the Peles Royal Domain, the core of the development of the region and the local community in economic, tourist and cultural terms.

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