Press release, technical incident

Targu Mures at
July 7, 2021

The situation on the Azomureș platform stabilized shortly after an incident occurred during the night. The company has begun an internal investigation.

Early this morning, at 01:02am, there was an explosion at Azomures platform in the Amoniac 3 installation, which was in the last phase of the restart process. The operators of the installation applied the specific emergency stop procedures, and the Private Emergency Service Falck Azomures and ISU Mures intervened to extinguish the fire, with the area isolated.

No ammonia emissions were recorded at the platform level and, throughout the intervention, the safety of other employees, the operation of the other facilities on the platform and the local community were not endangered.

The most important thing we can say is that there was only one injured person, an employee of the Amoniac facility. Because of the blast, some windows broke and the shards caused a wound to one of his forearms. Our colleague was transported to the hospital, received all necessary medical attention and has already been discharged.

The company has begun an internal investigation into the technical incident. We cooperate with the authorities that have responsibilities in this field and we will provide the necessary information. The company's priority is to ensure the safety of employees and the local community in the first place, and the way in which the technical incident was handled demonstrated the effectiveness of the stop measures in case of an emergency.

We acknowledge the local community's concern about the scale of the event and offer assurances that there are measures that can limit the escalation of a technical incident to one of the facilities on the platform at any time. Azomures remains a top industrial installation, with EU safety standards in force.

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