Our approach to sustainability is not limited to concerns about the quality of the environment and does not simply include fields that need to be ticked. Our vision is a responsible management and a constant providence of the company's longevity, doubled by a continuous search for the compromise between the different interests, often divergent, but always legitimate, of all the parties interested.

During the recent years, sustainability concerns have played an extremely important role in the management of the Ameropa Group, helping us to set objectives, stimulating our ability to innovate:

Here you can view the Sustainability Report 2012-2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 202120222023

Health, safety, security and environment

are fields that define the key values of the Ameropa Group. The health and safety of our employees is of capital importance, therefore our constant concern is to provide a safe and productive working environment, by supplying information, instructions and training to meet the "ZERO Accident" objective

Preferred Employer

represents the second major objective, so we try to become an employer in the top of people’s preferences, by creating diverse and oriented workplaces for continuous learning.

Every employee has the chance to training, professional development, recognitions and benefits, which are part of a living culture, to fulfil the vision of having motivated, informed and responsible employees. Our efforts are targeted on developing an innovation-based culture, strengthening employees' skills and implementing new technologies in the field.

Sustainable agriculture

and ensuring the food of humanity by adding plus value to the Romanian agriculture is the third objective to which we focus our efforts.

Our mission is to develop the potential of Romanian agriculture, in a sustainable way, by promoting a safe use of fertilizers according to our assumed principles "4C", respectively 4 rules of correct application: the type, the dose, the timing and the application of fertilizers.

Involvement in the community

On a competitive market, each company wants to build its own brand and make a difference. A dynamic strategy that assumes social responsibility in accordance with the company's values, is relevant for the differentiation from other companies.

At Azomures company level, a corporate social responsibility team (CSR) has been consolidated with employees from different departments. An important task of the CSR team will be to cultivate among employees a climate that encourages responsible, moral and social behaviour and we believe that, by the power of example, we can inspire a new generation.



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