The management at the highest level in Azomureș assumes responsibility for achieving excellence in terms of quality of manufactured products, customer satisfaction, protection of natural resources and the environment and ensures safe and healthy workplaces for both its own employees and visitors and/or contractors.

Azomureș is committed to implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the integrated management system (quality, safety and health at work, environmental protection, energy and responsible product management), in accordance with the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001:2015, SR EN ISO 14001:2015, SR ISO 45001:2018, SR EN ISO 50001:2019 and Product Stewardship.

Member of the Association of European Fertilizer Manufacturers "Fertilizers Europe", Azomureș has implemented, maintained and continuously improved the requirements of the Product Stewardship Standard (Responsible Product Management) with the aim of correctly managing the way products are used, minimizing their impact on health and to enhance occupational safety, site security and environmental performance for the entire life cycle of our products.